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We are the NUMBER ONE company in providing complete solutions in distribution and logistics services.


Building upon knowledge, experience and business achievements, we want to be the number one company in providing complete solutions in the field of distribution and logistics in all markets where we operate. We are bringing our experience of 25 years with us, continuing with our journey together and setting new expectations. The values ​​that have brought us here now need to be improved and elevated, so that we can focus on performance and health of the company, and face the challenges ahead. The vision to be the best is carrying us forward.


The importance of the vision for functioning of the whole team is reflected in achieving an even better business efficiency, while personal contributions from us all are necessary steps towards improving the company's culture and organizational health.


We expect every individual,to understand the vision and to set an example, both in it's own work and in cooperation with colleagues, and so contribute to maintaining the company's leadership position. Only by being focused on one another, but aware of our personal responsibilities, we can remain in the number one position.


We recognize and believe in the power of us all, because we are only as strong as each individual in the company is strong.


We are Nelt.

This is how we do it.