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For us in Nergelia, development means survival. This is why we strive to superiorly cover the markets where we operate, expand sales and distribution, improve logistics services with the application of the latest technology and standardization of operations.

Wherever it operates Nergelia aims to achieve the maximum coverage of sales channels and facilities and establish top standard in operational activities. With more than 700 employees in sales, marketing, logistics and accompanying services we aim to cooperate with all national and international trade chains, wholesalers, small and large private stores, kiosks, pharmacies, perfumeries, fuel stations, etc.

We also try to implement successful business models to sales activities on the markets where we haven't been present before, utilizing human and material resources from our existing operations to the fullest. Furthermore, we are constantly raising our efforts to remain the leaders in applying advanced information technologies in sales (Hand Held and Tablet Computers, B2B portals), finances (e-banking), communications (IP telephony, IM, 3G+ field data transfer) and logistics (WMS and Dynamic routing). We implemented SAP business-information software with aim to adopt new solution that can completely cover and support our strategy of sustainable expansion and improvement of our operations, along with all internal company processes.

We especially emphasize the fact that Nergelia is applying high business standards adopted from our Principals with the absolute respect for state and legal provisions and laws in countries where we operate.