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Supply chain


"Our principal objective is offering the supreme distribution and logistics services. The necessary condition for achieving business success that each distribution company should fulfil is well developed and modern organized supply chain, and logistic solutions adapted to the client’s requirements.
The activities in the supply chain division start with stock planning – ordering of products from our partners together with the maintenance of the optimal level of stocks in all warehouse capacities of the company, all with minimal expenses.  The basic process in the stock planning division is forecast of demand. The results that we achieve in this segment, and which are in the line with the top global companies, result in balanced stock levels, which follow the market fluctuations, and provide us with ability to achieve one of the most important objectives – the constant product availability for our end users.
The company distribution centre is located in the business and industrial zone of Donja Gorica, in Podgorica; it has about 5.000 m² of the storing capacities, with different temperature regimes and with more than 60 employees.
The storages within the central distribution centre dispose of capacity of 5.000 palette spaces, and are equipped with the latest racking and reloading techniques, which enables and provides optimization and safe working conditions.  
The optimal performance can only be provided with the constant improvement of the operational management and the maximal exploitation of all storing resources. That is why, in 2009, we decided to start with the implementation of the computerized warehouse management system (WMS) G.O.L.D. Stock, the product of the company Aldata Solution, and which manages all warehouse processes. This multifunctional system enabled the company to store more than 3.000 various products with the implementation of the best storing practice and accuracy of deliveries above 99.5%.