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Social responsibility

Our policy of social responsibility is based on ethical operations and the aim to help create a better environment for our employees, partners and the wider social community, along with achieving good business results and a high degree of responsibility towards the environment.

The products we distribute maintain a high and constant quality, and the whole of our business is focused on meeting the demands of clients and consumers, which is also confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification. All our facilities are designed and constructed in a manner that ensures protection of the environment, and company-wide observation and implementation of all labor safety measures. Cooperation with partners is built exclusively on mutual respect and trust.

We pay special attention to children through various types of support. In the beginning our efforts were focused on donations to schools and orphanages, and in 2010 we established a Fund for vocational training. Our new strategy of socially responsible operations includes support and providing of new opportunities to the most talented students of faculties in Montenegro.

A contribution to improvement of the quality of life of our employees and the whole of the local community was and will remain one of our most important goals and principles in adopting business decisions.

Download the "Healthy Organization" report HERE.